AMTRAK: underachiever

First, let me say that I’m predisposed to be an Amtrak fan. I don’t mind taking a few extra minutes in transit in exchange for: 1) comfort and 2) less hassle. For the trip from DC to NYC, for instance – there’s almost no question for me. The Acela in particular is really a treat. About 20 minutes faster than the Metroliner, with *much* cleaner & updated cars – I’m a believer.

But I have to say that with all those things going for it – Amtrak can really suck. The Acela is oft like the really smart second grader for whom teachers have visions of greatness – only to learn that he’s far more interested in smoking pot and wasting space than actually living up to his potential.

Over just the past couple trips back and forth – I’ve had cancelled trains, *switched* trains, and delayed trains. All things that demand a trip or call to customer service…if only I had the tiniest shred of confidence in *that* process. Sigh. I do hope they grow up a bit. They could be so much better.

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