Can You Solve DC’s Problems?

Do you live or work in the District of Columbia? Do you know what the District’s biggest problems are and how they should be solved? Wanna make $5,000 in the telling?

Thanks to a reader using our new fangled Suggest A Story link, I’m here to tell you that DC Appleseed, with a grant from the June and John Hechinger Family Trusts is holding a very cool contest, Solving DC’s Problems where you can post, comment, and vote on reader’s opinions of the biggest DC problems and their creative fixes. The three winners will get to present their ideas to the Mayoral candidates at a forum in June.

What might DC folks think are issues and solutions? Here’s a random sampling sure to get you thinking, wondering, or all out laughing:

Chocolate Milk!

So I’ve picked just the funny ones, but there are others there as well, real gems that I hope will be presented to government officials, and candidates running in the District’s 2006 elections.

It is a good way to have city leaders listen to how we think the city should be run, and to infuse the elections this year with the issues that matter most to us.

Still, I’m down for chocolate milk.

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  1. phoenix (unregistered) on April 26th, 2006 @ 2:00 pm

    I, for one, am all about Chocolate Milk as the answer to our problems. Maybe PB&J stands on street corners too, complete with potato chips and apple juice. :)

    Seriously though, a lot of these ideas have merit and are easy to do; but at the same time, the people whining about the jaywalking law and seat belt law and hands-free cell phone laws are useless clutter. “Wahhh the MPD should stop pretending they ARE the law by ticketing me for not wearing my seat belt, after all who do I hurt blahblahblah”

    I have to admit though, the “Survivor: Anacostia” idea was pretty amusing. :)

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