Homeless Making More Homeless

DC is special in many ways, and one I’d like to say is related to our non-State status is the eviction process.

In most states, evivictions are handled by the county sheriff’s office. In DC, a U.S. Marshal is present to enforce the eviction, but landlords are responsible for providing labor for the eviction.

And in a great twist of logic, guess who eviction companies in the area and independent landlords have been calling on to provide the mover muscle to toss boxes on the street for the last six years? Homeless men!

According to the Street Sense’s great article Homeless People Hired To Evict Tenants, while two companies, All American Eviction and East Coast Express Evictions, deny the practice, several homeless people, including many Street Sense vendors and a good number crunching of the companies’ financial data, say otherwise. In addition, they’re accused of being cheap and paying way below minimum wage.

I’d say that Caroline Lansford, the CEO of All American, and Nelson Terry, CEO of East Coast, deserve a good spanking or a whole house full of irony. Either way, and no matter who they hire, persons employed in private industry in the District of Columbia receive at least a
“>minimum wage of $7.00 per hour, effective January 1, 2006

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