From Wonkette to Washington Post?

After appearing on the Post’s Saturday Morning Radio Show, former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox has an editorial in today’s Op-Ed section of the Post. Is Cox parlaying her career as a blogger to a job at the new Washington Post? It does certainly make me wonder…

Either way, good to see Ms. Cox getting some much-deserved placement. Better still, though, is her comparison of Scott McClellan to a baby panda:

I ‘ve always had a soft spot for departing White House press secretary Scott McClellan. Watching him give his choked-up goodbye on the White House lawn last week, I realized why. The jowls he’s grown, the hair he’s lost and the dark circles that have grown under his eyes in two years and nine months on the job have made him resemble Washington’s other helpless diplomatic pawn: Scott McClellan is the baby panda of the press corps.

That said, who would win in a bamboo eating contest?

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