Opening Up: Suggest a Story

Starting today, you can now tell us what you want us to cover. For a long time, I’ve been hoping to give the opportunity for our readers to drive what it is that we write about, and now, thanks to some hard work by our coders at Metroblogging HQ, you can do just that. Over at the right, you’ll now see a button that looks like this:

Picture 2-11

If there’s something happening, and you want us to cover it, well, click that button and tell us about it. There are a few rules to make sure we’re not just a mouthpiece, though. We’re not an events listing. That’s what Upcoming is for. We’re not a good Press Release Repeater, either, so don’t expect to see verbatim Press Releases here, or even anything remotely like that. Make sure to include a link to what you find cool or interesting. Details really help, because the more we know, the more likely we are to write. Also, make sure it relates to the Greater DC area.

Go on, give it a whirl!

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