Chessman My Ass!

Over the past week, I’ve been watching the slow progression of the chess bum I profiled last Friday.

Before he had the pretense of a chessboard, and seemed an engaging afternoon acquaintance if you had the time. Now he’s dropped that facade and the chessboard is nowhere to be seen. He’s also dropped his contentment with his earlier occupation of the sidewalk; he’s now upgraded and made a nest for himself – in the bus stop shelter.

Oh and before you think it was due to last night’s rain, he was there by Tuesday, I’ve only now had the chance to photograph him asleep in the mess. And a mess it is.

If you look closely, the shelter is now missing a pane of glass with shards of safety glass scattered about. He’s camped out on the bench, negating the ability to rest for those waiting for the bus. He’s also expanded his trash pile, stretching it down the sidewalk and up to the bus shelter.

Homeless no longer; he’s taken over the bus stop with his person and refuse, attempting a check-mate on the sanctity of McPherson Square.

Home Sweet Mess in McPherson Square Buss Stop

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