Don’t Feed Them After Midnight

Made a quick hop to Baltimore on Tuesday night to see Mogwai play at SONAR. It seemed like these elder statesmen of post-rock were in a beauty over power kind of mood, focusing on many of their shorter mood pieces through-out the night while tossing in a tsunami of sound every third song or so. The now 6 man band were playing as tight as ever as demonstrated by them stopping their final 8-minute guitar barrage on a dime at midnight.

This was the fifth time I’ve seen Mogwai and I was impressed with their song choices at the show. This was a more mature Mogwai, confident in the aura of their more quiet, beautiful pieces as opposed to the brash showmanship of their monolithic power-sets of yester-year. Needless to say this didn’t work for everyone in the crowd and a lot of people started talking during the set. My one suggestion would be that while many of us fans are happy that Mogwai are exploring their more quiet side a bit more on this tour, they may want to re-order the set-list to keep the energy flowing a little better in the room. Oh yeah, and stop playing “Acid Food” that song bites!

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