Think you can Hold ‘Em?

Seems Dr Dremo needs a host. A host that not only knows Texas Hold ‘Em but also has hardware to back it up. If I could find my ways in the wilds of NoVA, I’d apply, but then I seem to be too tough for the Wonderland Trivia crew.

So if you’re the (wo)man, here’s your chance:

Now that Dremo’s future has been extended, we are thinking of starting up the poker tournaments again. But it needs some ironing out. Running the tournaments for charity is a bit too involved. Aligning ourselves with a poker league is too costly. So we are considering other options. One suggested idea is to have a friendly tournament with no entry fee and no prizes, just playing for fun.

We have the software, we have the blind schedules, we even have the chips. What we don’t have is the laptop to run the software or somebody to oversee the tournament. Does anybody want to volunteer? Sunday or Monday nights would work well for us. Would you want to do it once a month? Once a week? If any of this appeals to you, please cast your vote by contacting us to give your input.

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