Awww You Wimps!

Now this is too much. Some snow falls and everyone around here freaks. People buy 10 gallons of water, empty store shelves of bread and milk, and essentially loose their minds. Why? A touch of snow.

What’s the big f*%king deal?

Why do you need an extra two loaves of bread, gallon of milk, and a 24 pack of Charmin? Like you don’t have plenty of food hoarded already & couldn’t stand to loose a few pounds? Like you really will die without milk for your Wheaties or your closet doesn’t have at least a six pack of Charmin at the ready? Like the roads are really that clogged and you can’t get out ever.

We party people went out last night, living it up, and we even got our morning Post served with fresh store-bought bagels. That means that the roads are open and you can take your end-of-the-world freak off now.

Oh yeah, and while we’re all returning to sanity, would the National Capitol YMCA please stop buying into the panic and open up. You’re user base is urban, athletic, and pissed that your suburban ass isn’t working.

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  1. Doug (unregistered) on February 12th, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

    When I was in middle school back in my Green Bay days we had a few winters (mid-70’s) that had incredible snow falls. Some guys were making a killing selling these car antenna extension gizmos that had orange flags stuck on the top of them. And they were actually very effective, because the snow was piled up so high on the side of the streets that you couldn’t see around the corner when stopped at an intersection. The only way you knew if there was an approaching car from either direction was to look for these strange floating orange flags above the top of the snow piles.

    Around here, winters are mild. I find it amusing that everyone freaks out after a few inches of snow.

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