against my better judgement…serving beer in hell to tucker max

against my better judgement, i’m introducing you to all things horribly insane w/ single society today, otherwise known as tucker max. he describes himself best as “my name is tucker max, and i am an asshole.” now, there will be no oprah to rip tucker a new hole on his tendencies to exaggerate (hey give james frey a break), but that’s because, more or less, the stories tucker tells are true.

btw, his site is pretty X-rated as he recounts his many adventures as a low-life jerk — so don’t click unless you’ve got balls. or want to hate men. or you want to feel better about yourself, because there’s someone who’s done things to the opposite sex way more horrible than you could ever dream.

anyway, all this debauchery leads to something. after several stints of 15 minutes of fame, tucker max has produced a ny times best seller (holy shipes) and supposedly sign(ing) a movie deal. i hope they serve beer in hell, but not to tucker max.

so, if you want to see this guy upfront and personal (be forewarned, he represents the lowest of the lows of the male world), he’s at college park right now, at the maryland book exchange w/ an after-party. if you miss that, don’t worry, his once-cancelled now-on-again DC signing is sunday at gw:

Sunday, Feb 12, 4pm-6pm
Lambda Chi Alpha
2020 G Street, NW
Washington, DC
“Probably none, unless a bunch of hot girls show up and convince me to go out.”

i had the non-pleasure of going to school w/ this guy. i never met him in person, but the only house party rule we had (as well many fraternities and sororites on campus) was “NO TUCKER MAX.”

just thinking about gives me the creeps…

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  1. Don (unregistered) on February 10th, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

    You’re making me feel guilty for how amusing I find his stories… I wouldn’t want to hang out with the guy or be his buddy but the absinthe story near to moves me to tears.

  2. rosemary (unregistered) on February 11th, 2006 @ 1:25 pm

    at first when i read lambda chi, i was very frightened at the thought that the fuckface would be coming to my school.


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