Barry Sentencing Postponed

It’s got to be really hard to be as dumb as Marion Barry. Seriously. His sentencing in Federal Court today was postponed because he only filed his tax returns for the last few years yesterday! I really wish normal people could get away with this shit. Seriously. Only in DC can such a crook not only hold public office, but flaunt the law while still seated.

Of course, this is the nugget in that article that I found most hilarious: “The tax issues were not the only problems facing Barry. He tested positive for using cocaine and marijuana when he took a court-required drug test Nov. 17, the prosecutors said in court filings.

Coke AND weed? Dude. You’re almost 70 years old. Lay off the stuff, okay?

He’s back in court on March 9th to hear his fate. I’m hoping they throw the book at him.

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