Valentines Day Cheesy-Crap Challenge

With the Hallmark Holiday of the year quickly approaching, the merchants of romance are cranking out all manner of Valentines Day gifts. Gifts that will mostly be given with cards. Choke on it cheesy cards that will make the recipient groan more than grin. And here is your challenge:

Find the most cheesiest, over-the-top card possible.

Forget the “Roses are red..” variety, I’m talking something profoundly deep and yet amazingly stupid, say:

Now ain’t that some crap dribble?!

Bonus points if the card uses the word “soulmate”, thanks a TV-famous religious figure for guidance, rhymes, or is an oversized card (we’re talking 2ftx3ft here).

How to play: send a photo or scan of the card to mzungu at gmail dot com – entries will be linked in the comments section & you can vote for your fav there too.
What you win: A joe-cool Metroblogging DC T-shirt and one special “Get out of V-Day” card.

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