No Swimming at the NC-YMCA

I love me the National Capitol YMCA‘s pool. At 25 meters, it’s the largest indoor pool that is convenient and clean in the city. Yes, it does have it’s Kiddie Day every Saturday morning, but as I’m rarely up or sober then, much less in a wo4rkout mood, I don’t mind. That and the pool usually has cycled out the kiddie pee by the time I swim in the evenings.

Still, once a year the YMCA drains the pool and gives it a good scrubbing, removing the debris that nets can’t catch during the year and flushing all the water for a clean start after the cleaning. The annual flush and scrub is going on now – February 4-9th – so if you’re headed to the gym today like I am, think out a new upper body aerobic exercise.

Elliptical anyone?

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  1. Don (unregistered) on February 5th, 2006 @ 12:58 pm

    Lest anyone has forgotten, if you’re a DC resident bummed by this pool closing you can always head to one of the city pools, where you swim for free, at least till late summer.

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