More on the Shooting in Germantown

Hello, MoCo is all over the bail hearing for John L. Hall, whose 8 year old son shot a 7 year old girl at daycare earlier this week. Apparently the 8 year old has a bit of a mouth on him:

Assistant State’s Attorney Karyn McAuliffe alleges that the eight-year-old boy said:
“Give me your money,” to the seven-year-old girl.

“[Expletive] the police. What the [expletive] can they do to a kid, anyway? I’ll shoot ’em.”

“Phase 1: Get weapons. Phase 2: Kill the hillbilly.” It’s unclear who the hillbilly is.

Yikes. Dude. Seriously. That’s fucked up. An Eight Year Old?! Of course, it seems that we’re going to have some quality time with Jack Thompson, as the child apparently used to play violent videogames with his father as well. This whole thing gets sadder by the day.

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