Washingtonpost.com to readers: You can comment again… eventually

postblog.GIF There’s going to be a live discussion on WashingtonPost.com about the post.blog comment shutdown from last week and the technical and ethical issues around it. It’s going to start at 1pm this afternoon so if you want to watch it and/or ask questions, you can go here. If you’re late for the party you can still read it after the fact.

One thing we supposedly know already is that comments will return. Dan Gillmor heard from WaPo-online editor Jim Brady and supposedly they’ll return sooner rather than later. I find the facts as they were told to Dan a little questionable, though. The implication of what was told to Dan seems to be that it’s about accountability and identifying a poster, but over on his live chat from Friday Brady implies it’s a content issue. Proof will be in the pudding, I suppose. Anyone want to start a pool on how long till comments return?

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