Annapolis Market House woes…

On Martin Luther King Day weekend, we decided to make a trip to Annapolis to satiate our craving for fried chicken and jumbo fresh cut steak fries, the kind that only Machoian Poultry, formerly located in the City Dock Market House could provide. We found a perfect parking spot, right next to the Market House, when we realized that the Market House was gutted! Finding the perfect spot next to the Market House should have been the first warning sign that something was amiss, for sure. It was only then that I suddenly recalled being told about the closing of the Market House in passing by our Naval Academy sponsors, but the shock, the horror, and the reality of it all had only really set in at that moment, as we stared, aghast at the sad reality in front of our eyes (yeah, yeah… equally sad that this happened a year ago, and it just now registered – we don’t get out much, as you can see).

Apparently, at the beginning of 2005, the city of Annapolis had worked out a lease deal with Dean and Deluca to occupy the Market House (the idea being that they would pay more, I’m sure). The deal never went through, so the Market House sat empty for a year, a whole year! This story from The Capital summarizes the whole saga well. Bottom line, it looks like stalls will be rented out this spring, we’ll have to see how it really turns out. The Market House used to have a wide variety of vendors, ranging from a raw bar to fried chicken and the food was always great, so I’ll really miss the old Market House. It was one of the only places that a midshipman on a frugal budget could go and get some decent food, for sure.

With our original plans ruined, we decided to eat at Joss Café and Sushi Bar instead. I recall Joss opening sometime in 1992, while I was at the Naval Academy as a second class midshipman (junior). The food there is great, the atmosphere is equally great, and they take pride in the “authenticity” of their Japanese food. Add all this up with a fantastic location, and you have a winner. The place is always packed (at least when we go), so count on a wait.

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