7 Year Old Shot At Daycare

A 7 year old girl was shot at daycare this morning by an eight year old boy who brought a gun in his backpack, for reasons that no one can possibly comprehend.

I’m an advocate for gun rights, but stuff like this makes me seriously think twice about the whole thing. Guns don’t belong in childrens’ hands. Period. While I firmly believe that gun control means hitting your target, I don’t advocate this sort of careless behavior with deadly weapons that allow them to fall unsecured into the hands of eight year olds. This is certainly a tragedy and I hope will cause all people to think more about gun security and safety and education.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved in this horrific tragedy.

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  1. Rob (unregistered) on January 24th, 2006 @ 10:45 am

    “While I firmly believe that gun control means hitting your target, I don’t advocate this sort of careless behavior with deadly weapons that allow them to fall unsecured into the hands of eight year olds.”

    Are there people that “advocate this sort of careless behavior?”

  2. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on January 24th, 2006 @ 11:05 am

    God I hope not, Rob.

  3. megan (unregistered) on January 24th, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

    I’m glad you are rethinking your position, because next time, it could be your child, mother, niece, best friend, etc. who is on the other side of the trigger. My best friend’s brother shot himself in the head as a teen-ager. His dad’s gun was locked up, but kids will find guns no matter where or how you hide them.

    A home without a gun is safer than one with one. Period.

  4. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on January 24th, 2006 @ 9:58 pm

    Megan, I appreciate your point of view, I do. But I think there are situations that can warrant the ownership of a firearm for personal protection.

    I’m sorry about your brother’s friend, and that he chose to end his life in that sort of dramatic fashion, but I don’t think necessarily that the presence of a gun forced him to commit suicide. Knives, Razors, Rope, these methods are equally as usable, yet we don’t ban razors, rope or kitchen knives.

    Triggerlocks? yes. Storing your gun loaded? Bad idea.

  5. megan (unregistered) on January 25th, 2006 @ 5:24 am

    He didn’t commit suicide. He accidentally shot himself while playing with his dad’s gun. He would have had a much better shot at surviving if he had accidentally cut himself with a razor. But, hey, go ahead, take a chance. Keep a gun in your house. Could be a Darwinian thing, since you and your family would be more likely to shoot yourselves than someone else….

  6. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on January 25th, 2006 @ 8:18 am

    Sorry to hear that his parents were unable to take responsibility for educating him on how to behave near guns. My swim coach in high school was a pentathlete, where one of the disciplines is target shooting. One of his teammates ignored the instructions of his mentor and shot himself while maintaining his weapon. Guns are dangerous and training is required. I’m sorry your friends parents did not afford their son some real training in gun safety.

    I do not own a firearm at the moment, and it’s possible I never will, but I want that right freely available to anyone who can purchase one.

  7. Individ (unregistered) on January 26th, 2006 @ 9:18 am

    As a PhD with over a quarter of a century experience gathering and analyzing data, (sorry to pull rank), I am compelled to say that unless you abuse alcohol or drugs, having a gun in your house, for law abiding citizens, is CLEARLY a benefit. Peer reviewed studies show well that firearms are used on the order of 1 million times per year in the U.S. Also, the latest figures from the National Academy of Sciences put the number of guns in the US in 1999 at nearly 260,000,000, with an annualized rate of increase of about 1.7%, this yields an estimate of over 290,000,000 guns here now. Considering that number, guns in the home are overwhelmingly safe.

    Further, I cannot imagine what you mean by “think twice about the whole thing”. What “thing”? The father was a felon. He should not have had a gun in the first place, according to MD firearm laws. “Thing”? There are 290 million guns in the country. What are you going to do, vaporize them? As the studies by both the antigun NAS and the antigun CDC reluctantly concluded (in 2004 and 2003, respectively), there is no evidence that gun control works.

    Outlaw guns? Go ahead. They will be as rare on the streets as cocaine and meth. Ask the gun-banning Brits about the victimization of their society.

    Oh yeah – the lifelong risks of dying in a car crash, and in an assault: both about 1 in 200.

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