Cue the Blue Velvet


Originally uploaded by DCMetbloger.

Now I didn’t really notice it during last night’s par-tay, as I spent too much time holding up the bar hoping a cool DCist reader would talk to me, but this morning, looking through my photos, it hit me: Cue Bar’s pool tables are indeed blue. A bright, iridescent blue. A blue that you have to be blind-drunk to miss.

Blue felt on pool tables? Hmm… how do you feel about that, my dear DCMetblog reader?

Could this be proof that Cue Bar really “aspires to be the next hip spot,” as Darpino suggests? Or could that blue felt be a calming influence – one that takes your game from Scratch ‘n Silly to District Fats?

Either way, be not the guy slapping players with camera flashes in the middle of a game. Oddly, that might get you a right good whoop’n, even during happy hour.

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