A neighborhood by any other name…

The madness of the real estate market here never ceases to amaze me, as I’ve touched on before. Possibly the silliest by-product of the development craze has been the invention of new neighborhood names, or the invention of names in order to make existing hoods sound more, um, top-draaawer dahling. For example, saying Dupont East instead of Logan Circle or Shaw. A real estate agent friend of mine just stopped by tonight and alerted me to a new example that really takes the cake.

“There’s a condo being built just down the street from you,” he said, pointing down 11th, “that’s advertised as being located in ‘Logan Heights’…”

Logan Heights? I’m sorry, what? Aren’t we in the U Street Historic District? Or Shaw? Or Old City, as the old maps say? Heights? Where the hell is the hill? Logan Slopes, more like it, or Logan’s Bottom. Heights, my ass. Please, developers, get a bloody grip.

As if calling a condo building off 14th Street “Saxon Court” wasn’t bad enough.

Good grief.

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