Firm Up Your Resolve

So, it’s the third day of 2006. And a dreary melancholic day it is. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw your New Year’s Resolutions out with the tinsel! Resist the temptation to chow down on all those chocolates and cookies your evil co-workers are trying to unload in the office kitchen or cafeteria, and stick to your resolve. Yes, this is the time when so many of us aim to be better about food, fitness, and body image. You’ll see gyms hawking their deals all over the place for the next few weeks as they take advantage of everyone’s guilt over the holiday binge. So I thought I’d add a shout-out for the man who helped whip me into shape last year, Karim Steward and his cadre of top-notch trainers at One World Fitness.

One World Fitness is a small private gym at 14th and S Street that’s personable, inviting, and completely non-threatening. Oh, and they will kick your ass. If you’re the sort of person who needs the extra motivation of a personal trainer I highly recommend this place. It certainly jump-started my 2005 resolution, so maybe it can do the same for yours in 2006.

Sadly, my kitchen renovation currently trumps my training budget (there’s a certain irony there, no?) so I have to take a break, but I will be back eventually to continue getting stronger than I once thought a resolutely non-athletic girl like me could ever be…

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