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Curtains for Independence?

Flyer Talk thinks that DC-based Independence Air may be on their way out:

Furlough Notices Have Been Received at Independence Air

Final disposition is pending the outcome of the auction next week of course, but it sure looks like they’re going to sell just a few pieces of the airline and shut down.

A thread at ACA-LOUNGE.COM, a bulletin board for the airline’s employees (and a place rife with rumors), indicates that pretty much everyone has gotten their furlough notices

While we’re sorry to see Independence bite the dust, perhaps maybe this will herald a new era for JetBlue in DC?

Courts Strike Down DC Prescription Drugs Pricing Policy

The Federal Judiciary struck down a DC Law enacted this year designed to help limit the cost of prescription drugs to a percentage above foreign wholesale costs. This, of course, is against that whole federal patent law thing, not to mention the very important interstate commerce clause of that pesky US Constitution. There’s more detail and analysis over at Just Barely Inside the Beltway.

Metrobus and You

I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent standing at Pentagon’s Bus Metrobus Depot waiting for the 7E, only to get on a crowded bus with seat pitches so shallow you’d think they were meant for midgets. The routes for the District apparently still follow the same routes that the old DC Streetcar lines ran in the 1950s. But we all realize that the schedules are a written comedy, and we’ve all been stranded somewhere when a bus drove its last. There’s a good piece in the Post today that highlights the problems of the bus system here in DC. Perhaps that new Riders’ Advisory Council can do something about busses that cut people off, or Wayan’s dislike of the Circulator, or Jenn’s Rules for the 66.

Happy HanaChristmaKwanzakhah!


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Merry Christmas, Christmas-celebrating DC-ites! And Happy Hannukhah, Hannukhah-celebrating DC-ites!

We’ll see you when we wake up from our holiday food comas, and when I tear myself away from Tom’s gift to me- A PS2 and Katamari Damacy. I am mesmerized.

The Official DC Metblogs “Oh Crap It’s Christmas Eve I Need A Cool Gift” Guide

Well, that’s right, it’s coming up on 1pm on Christmas Eve and you still need to get working on your gifts. We’re here to help. The following suggestions are just a few places you might be able to score a sweet, unique, cool and local gift before the morning.

Cathedral Gift Shop
One of the best ideas for out-of-town relatives is to get some cool only-in-DC kind of gift. No, not one of those ridiculous “FBI” baseball caps or a “You Don’t Know Me: Federal Witness Protection Program” t-shirts that you can get at CVS and which screams, “I’m a lameass tourist! Pick on me!” I mean a unique and thoughtful gift from one of DC’s many historic attractions.

This year, people on my Christmas list are going to be receiving gifts from the National Cathedral Museum Gift Shop. Scarves and umbrellas are boring gifts… except when the scarf is velvet and is embossed with a pattern based on the Cathedral’s Gothic windows, and when the Rose Window shines through the translucent umbrella fabric. The usual supply of Cathedral Christmas ornaments and postcards are there too, of course, but
give those a pass in favor of the unique gargoyles and and stained glass items. For the loved one who is tired of the noisy, shiny crap of an
over-commercialized religious holiday, there are creches from around the world, most of which are fair trade.

Tickets Now
so you’ve waited til last minute? can’t think of that cool gift that your recipient won’t forget? well, if you’re willing to blow your budget, and want to return to the land of oz, grab some wicked tickets (and i do mean wicked) at the kennedy center.

showing from wed, dec. 21st to jan 15th, tickets are sold-out through the center’s site, but are available through ticketsnow or stubhub. you will pay quite a price, my pretty as tickets run upwards of $250-350 a piece; however, you’ll have “peace” of mind that that you’ve got a chance to see a most amazing musical and find out how the wicked witch of the west and glinda the good witch came to be.

14th and S St., NW

The eclectic shops at the intersection of 14th and S Streets NW have saved me from more than one last minute shopping disaster. With Go Mama Go! stocking stylish Asian drinking/eating sets and other items that seem right out of an Eastern bazaar, modish cook/bar/bathware at Home Rule, and the amazing collection of woodcut printed stationary, divinely scented candles/incense, Thomas Jefferson action figures or Queen/Bitch bath products at Pulp – you will never have a present emergency again! You could even branch out and get a plant at Garden District or
treats for that special feline at Pet Essentials.

Then end it all at Sparky’s with a chocolate chai and relax, confident that you’ve not only finished your holiday shopping in style and ease, but also helped support local DC merchants in the process. All in a half-city block. Brilliant.

Target and Flickr

If you’re looking to add a touch of homemade magic to your gifts, go out and get some digital photos today, and then take advantage of Flickr’s partnership with Target to print out any of your Flickr photos at a Target. Nothing says love quite like framed photographs of you, this is a gift even Wayan could love! Cheap, too, at less than 30ยข a print, it’s a real deal.

Fun Cheap Eats

Looking for some interesting meals that won

“Access” to Information? Not so much…

Ok, I may be the anti-tax crazy that you all have learned to love (or hate, pick your poison), but I

Thankfully they move slower than a whirlwind

femalicious.jpgDad being a hobbyist pilot, it’s rare I visit home in Miami and don’t get an on-high view of the city and this trip is no different. Rather than the red-barrel ceramic tile that’s so common in South Florida, however, I saw many swaths of blue – a fairly uncommon roof color under normal circumstances. Recent hurricanes have left a lot of people with damage they’re having trouble hiring people to fix, so many houses sport huge FEMA-branded blue tarps tacked down with long strips.

In talking about it my father was fairly philisophical – every area has occassional catastrophies, he said. “Florida has hurricanes, the midwest has tornadoes, California has earthquakes. What’s the big trouble that sweeps through your adopted home and mucks things up?” he asked me. I thought about it for a few seconds.

Congress,” I said.

The most wonderful time of the year…

Llori Stein of Falls Church is featured in the Post today for having, um, garish Christmas lights up on her balcony. The photo is pretty impressive, but I’m sure some of you can do better.

Who’s got the ugly* Christmas lights in your neighborhood?

*“Ugly” should not be construed to mean that I’m against massive displays of Christmas lights. I love it when people try to signal alien civilizations with their holiday decorations. Seriously. Nothin’ but love for this holiday tradition.

Restaurant Week in DC is coming!

That’s right, the Winter Restaurant Week is coming, starting January 9th and running through the 15th. Dinner will run $30.06 for a prix fixe 3 courses, and Lunch will will be $20.06 for a prix fixe 3 courses. The List of Restaurants is now available and is fairly comprehensive. Many of the restaurants will accept reservations via Open Table for the week as well, so there’s really no excuse not to go out at least once.

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