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Edmund and Leo – DC Guineas

Hello everyone, our names are Edmund and Leo, and we’re 9-month-old guinea pigs. We’re currently living in a foster home in NW DC, but need to find a permanent home, and we’re writing to ask if anyone in Adams Morgan would like to adopt us. Our feet don’t work well on computer keyboards, but our foster mom has a cute write-up about us here

Best and worse of 2005 in transportation…

Finally back from a very balmy Christmas spent in Norfolk with the family. We drove down using the less traveled route, picking up Route 301 here in Brandywine and then taking Route 17 all the way into Newport News and across the James River bridge to my brother in law’s home. I’m pleased to say that traffic was nowhere near as bad as what we experienced doing the I-95 route, albeit the road does have the occasional traffic light.

Speaking of traffic, AAA Mid-Atlantic put out it’s best and worse of 2005 in transportation list for our area. The to-be proposed HOT lanes (and the associated private/public “partnership”) made the “best” list, as well as the progress on three major transportation projects in our area: the Springfield Interchange (our favorite Mixing Bowl), the Woordrow Wilson Bridge project, and the possible realization of an Inter-County Connector (or ICC) here in the Maryland suburbs.

Among the “worse” entries is the fact that we top out the list for big-city crashes, although we’re only third for congestion. Our big-city crash issue is so big that a study by Allstate Insurance ranked Washington DC as the most dangerous city to drive in (we ranked 196 of 196). Also making the “worse” list was Washington DC’s zero tolerance law and Maryland’s ranking of ninth among the deadliest states in the nation for alcohol related traffic deaths.

I guess 2005 didn’t really fare too well for our area transportation wise. Let’s all hope for a safer and more traffic-free 2006 (yeah, right).

Cougars in the house

Now this is a Merry Christmas – I come back from two weeks in Lebanon to find a cougar in my inbox. Yep, a Mom 47 years young, is hunting for boy toys. Her profile might say she’s looking for 35-52, but I’m not (yet) 35 and she’s scratching around my profile, sending me a “wink”. While I’ll pass – if you’re young and fun, you might wanna purr.

89X I Love You, Eh!!

While there are gazillions of things that I thoroughly enjoy about DC (and I

He went to Jared.

Props to Coach Eddie Jordan of the Wizards for switching Jared Jeffries to guard and putting him into the starting lineup. Since the switch, “JJ” (it’s OK, I can call him that since we went to IU together) has 27 points and 25 rebounds (13 offensive) in 3 games. And, by the way, the Wizards are 3-0 during that stretch. Ever since watching him jump to the NBA from Indiana I have been waiting for Jared to break out like this. He’ll never be a superstar, but I believe Coach Jordan has now placed him into a great position to succeed and really help out this team.

Washington Ballet Cancels More Performances

The recent cancellation of most of the Washington Ballet’s yearly Nutcracker run is already producing ill effects. Without the revenue from the Nutcracker, the company has been forced to cancel some early engagements in ’06 at the Kennedy Center and at the Joyce Theater in NYC. This includes something I was very much much looking forward to – a Bach/Beatles project. I hope they can resolve this strike or lock-out (depending on who you talk to) soon. Read more here.

And the sordid license plate wars continue…

goatse2.pngI didn’t think it could get worse, but it has. Live journal writer Kalephunk has gotten a new vanity plate, though calling it that seems very very wrong. The ‘bukakke’ plate was apparently pulled – will this get yanked as well, I wonder, or is it okay to merely make reference to the infamous gross-out image that giggling fratboys like to show unsuspecting friends?

Escape from the Sunshine State

Well, I’m back.

I don’t really have much else to say, I suppose, except that after a week in Florida I’m so relieved to be back in DC. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed hanging out with my parents and all the accompanying perks of reverting to childhood like eating all the chocolate and cheese you want and drinking two bottles of champagne solo while watching movies til 3am and not having to make a single decision about anything. Ok, maybe that wasn’t quite my childhood but you know what I mean – total absence of responsibility. But after a week your body and brain begin to rebel and begin to crave the bustle and hum of the city. And that is one thing the particular corner of Florida that my parents inhabit severely lacks.

It’s Venice, a quiet little town on the Gulf Coast with some lovely wild beaches (my favorite – Caspersen) and a cute avenue with local merchant shops and a real soda fountain cafe. It manages to feel very sleepy while also being developed within an inch of its charm to hold the first wave of the retiring Boomers as they flock to Florida’s no income tax and temperate climate.

Now, with apologies to my parents, I could never ever live in a place like that. Everything revolves around the car, of course, as with the exception of the little avenue most everything is strip mall shops. Its infrastructure hasn’t quite caught up to the expensive real estate being built everywhere – though the gated communities for the Northern snowbirds are in abundance the local movie theatre has closed, restaurants are nothing spectacular, only golf courses abound. It’s very casual and the classic idea of retirement that everyone says the Boomers are going to eschew but they seem to be moving there anyway. Everyone calls you “honey” and are so perfectly outgoing and friendly in that Southern way that makes you wonder what they are saying behind your back.

Sigh. Let me repeat – I could never live in a place like that. City life for me. I am so glad to be back in DC. Now it’s off for a night on the town with visiting guests from crazy Amsterdam. I hope I don’t overdo it in my desire to re-urbanify.

drinkin’ the hatorade…

James of why.i.hate.dc is moving to Seattle!

Goodbye James. We’ll miss your entertaining bitchiness, but hope you decide to unleash on Seattle after all. And hey, if you love Seattle, maybe you’ll need another outlet?

Battle Royale at 2B

We have two second basemen who are quality players: Jose Vidro (3 time All-Star). Alfonso Soriano (4 time All-Star, 1 time All-Star MVP). The problem is, only one of them can start on any given day. Now, both of them have objected to moving from second. Ever wise David Pinto sums it up:

Maybe the Nationals can think outside the box to satisfy both players. Instead of the shortstop moving for a shift on a left-handed batter, just bring in Soriano from left. The team doesn’t expect a lefty to go the other way if there’s a shift on, and this will give Alfonso a chance to play the infield, especially against Barry Bonds. Of course, the winner of a Celebrity Death Match works too.

At this point, I’m seriously thinking that Celebrity Death Match might be the way to go. Of course, with nine second-basemen, perhaps it might be better to go the all-2B, all-the-time route.

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