White Marsh: Where Xbox Gets Ugly

As the Xbox 360 shortage continues and Christmas gets closer and closer, desperation abounds for the purchase of an Xbox 360, leading to a near riot at the White Marsh Best Buy this weekend, according to a comment on Gizmodo’s latest Xbox story:

At the White Marsh, Maryland Best Buy people began gathering for the 12/18 release at 11:00 pm, as the store closed. The Baltimore County Police Department was called by the Best Buy manager and we were all told we had to leave the premises or we would be arrested for trespassing.

We were assured by the manager and the police that we could return at 4:00 am ONLY and that ANYONE who arrived at the store before 4 am would be escorted off of the parking lot. This was confirmed by several signs on the front doors of this Best Buy.

The people at this time took a list of those waiting for X Boxes to prove we were the first people in line.

Predictably the manager and the police lied as we returned to the store at 3:50 AM to find 200 people lined against the Best Buy wall. When the manager and other employees returned to begin letting customers in panic ensued.

PS – Special kudos should also be given to the Baltimore County Police Departnemnt who not only straight-out lied to the original people in line, but then followed up by having no ability to reason with the crowd without using words like “don’t make me smack you,” “pepper spray,” “beat down” and in the true spirit of Christmas, “release the dogs.”

Of course, there’s always Craig’s List…

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