Marion Barry in a fake Nats hat?

If this is true, that’s pretty low:

What I found most interesting, and this should tell you how much I care about these dog and pony shows, is this picture Miss Chatter pulled off the ol’ tube. It shows the esteemed former mayor wearing a Nats cap to show his support for baseball in DC. First, give it up. We know you oppose it. Second, it’s a COUNTERFEIT HAT! Not only is it unlicensed trademark infringement, it’s the kind typically seen at the impromptu street corner sales tables that don’t pay taxes — the taxes that would go to fund the stadium. Instead that’s money that’s coming from libraries and schools (or so he’d have us believe…and not that that’s the first time he’s evaded paying taxes!)

Get yourself a real hat, Mr. Barry. Oh, and April 14 is fast approaching. You might want to get your papers ready for the H&R Block guy.

C’mon Mayor-for-life, surely you can spare $20 for a real hat…

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