Unsung Heroes

It’s the day before Thanksgiving (as if you didn’t know that!), a time that shouldn’t be just gut-busting consumption but also a time to gratefully reflect… so I thought I might kick it off with an ode to four unsung heroes of my day.

1) The crosswalk guard at the corner of 11th and S. This fearless lady is out there every morning striking fear into the hearts of recklessly fast drivers as she makes the intersection safe for the schoolkids of Garrison Elementary. She does it all with a smile and a wave for everyone and never seems to be in a bad mood, no matter how many drivers try to get past her eagle eye. They never suceed, and the kids are always safe.

2) The most dedicated Metrobus driver on the road, piloting the last 66 bus to get downtown before 9am. This gentleman is always cheerful, always helpful, and his passengers are happy to carry on the conversations he starts with ease and grace. A civilized way to start the day.

3) The long-suffering janitor in my building. He’s still here, even after that disgusting incident. He deserves more from his tenants.

4) The red-coated BID representative usually patrolling the block around Metro Center and my building. I don’t know how many clueless tourists he’s directed or panicked lost business people he’s calmed with a smile. Almost every night I pass him on my way to the bus stop home, and every time there’s a smile and a “good night honey.”

Seeing these four people almost every day makes me feel a little better, knowing there are still people in this city for whom civility and kindness matter. Cheers folks, you’re my unsung heroes.

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