Tom. Friggin. Jones.

If you were to look up “parody of oneself” in the dictionary (I know, that’s totally impossible to do, but roll with me here, people) there would undoubtedly be a picture of Tom Jones and nothing else. He played last night at the 9:30 club, and was, as always, absolutely spectacular.

Physically, it’s hard to tell how old he is – although the all-one-color dyed hair, eyebrows and goatee, and the too-tight skin give him away a bit. This was my 2nd time seeing him, and I have to say the man can MOVE. He does do some kung fu-like moves that are a little bit unnerving, but aside from that he’s all over the place with the get-down throughout the entire show. The man is a dancing machine with a voice like a sparkly, vibrating mac truck, and an almost constant flow of almost creepy double entendres – both during and between songs.

Apparently his son started managing him some years back, and got him more nightclub/younger generation exposure, which makes the audience thoroughly entertaining. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters alike (oh, and their often-weary partners) were jumping, screaming and dancing like maniacs – it was certainly one of the more upbeat crowds I’ve seen in a long time. Women of all ages twirled sexy underwear over their heads and threw said underwear at him throughout the show – some pals of mine who work at 9:30 were working the stage at the show and said that the panties of people with bad aim kept smacking them in the head all night long – but not in a good way. Their stories of the ‘flasher’ women (of all ages also… yikes…) were most entertaining, and probably not particularly appropriate for a public forum, but anyway…

The best part about TJ (yeah, I said TJ, what of it?) was that he TOTALLY doesn’t take himself seriously. He laughs at his own goofiness, grins and lecherously raises his eyebrows whenever he’s being particularly ‘naughty’, like a funny version of your icky uncle. He played a mix of old hits like It’s Not Unusual and What’s New Pussycat and more modern stuff like Kiss by Prince, but sadly didn’t play my fave song – Venus. You know, the one Bananarama made famous in 1989 or so… Anyway, that man has tons of life left in him, so no doubt I’ll see him again.

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