I Got My Sticker!

I love voting. I LOVE voting. I luuuuv voting. I don’t know what my problem is, but there have even been times when I’ve gotten a little emotional walking away from St. Agnus – my polling place in Cherrydale, just outside the city – and today was one of those times.

Maybe it’s that a friend’s husband has been called up and is leaving for Iraq in a few days. Maybe it’s that we’re at war. Maybe it’s that I’ve been studying and learning about a specific African tribal civil war recently.

Whatever it is, I am overcome by the thought this morning that there are people who die because they so badly want to do what I did almost callously this morning. I usually think about something in the same vein (“people fought for me to be able to do this”), but today it was extra real and extra heavy on my little heart.

I’ll never complain about the line, or the parking, or the weird smell in the school, or about getting up earlier. And I’ll never do it callously again.

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