Your Washington Wizards started their season off pretty well, with a comeback win on the road against the Toronto C-Raptors. They won by three points, even though they trailed after three quarters. Not a bad start, it’s nice to see the Wiz coming well out of the gate.

What I didn’t get was the home team wearing road jerseys. A lot has been said of David Sterns new dress code rules, which now that I understand isn’t all that bad. However, don’t start messing with the formula. Basketball players have worn white at home since the days of peach baskets. What gives?

I’ve got to say though, I was listening to the game on the radio. And not to knock our northern neighbours, whom we gave lots of credit to at our meeting at the Soho, but it’s alright to cheer at a hoops game. It drowns out the lame hecklers.

oh yeah, and Eddie Jordan just called the C-Raptors a “scrappy” team. And to quote my friend the Matt-itude, scrappy is another word for “No Talent”. Way to go with the backhand complement Eddie!

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