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Franklin Haney wants to do everything

Earlier this week, developer Franklin Haney announced that if he gets to buy the Nationals he would like to cover up to $200 million in cost overruns for the ballpark (The Post) in exchange for the chance to buy nearby land for development. He does not want to stop there though.

Today’s Post reveals that he also wants to take over the Dulles Toll Road for $5.7 billion over 50 years. $700 million, the same figure that is needed for the first phase of Metro to Dulles and some highway improvements, would be handed over on the day the deal was signed.

I do not know what to make of the Toll Road offer, I am skeptical of privatizing toll highways, but I do not know enough to make an educated opinion on the subject.

As for the Nats deal, I think offering to pay for anything ballpark related will assure that MLB chooses someone else (which reports indicate they will anyway) — 100% public financing (or as close to it as possible) is one of MLB fundamental beliefs.

What’s this DC Text Alert about?

What’s going on in my hood!?!? SWAT team? That sounds serious!

Message from Alert DC
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:27:35
Police barricade at 1791 Lanier Pl., NW.
18th St. & Columbia Rd. NW has been blocked off.
SWAT en route.

Anybody got info? Damn, I wish Google’s Spy Eye in the Sky was real-time!


 33 56583348 53088333D2

Sure, Tai Shan is his real name, but to us he’s known as Butterstick, thanks to Tom & Catherine over at DCist. Sure, they’ll claim “editorial we” status and credit the site as a whole, but I’m not afraid to single out genius when I see it. Anyhow, if you want a sweet Cafe Press shirt featuring our dear butterstick, and a good way to donate to FONZ, head on over and pick one up, the el-cheapo t-shirts start at $10.

Oh Deer

Is anyone else as confused as I am how a deer walked from Rock Creek Park all the way down to Diesel and Ralph Lauren in Georgetown before anyone noticed it?

Fairfax Judge Going Case-Tossing Crazy

Well, we’re back to the drinking and driving issue, but this time we’re headed to nearby Fairfax County, VA, where a judge there is throwing out DWI cases because of a presumption of guilt going into the trial. Virginia law says that driving are intoxicated if they test higher than .08 BAC, and that places an unfair burden on the plaintiff in the case.

So, essentially, he’s chucking the cases out because of the bad law. Of course, lots of people are up in arms over this, as it fails to punish someone for doing something society has deemed to be an offense punishable by prison time, hefty fines and suspended drivers’ licenses. MADD nearly burst a gasket when they found and we hear that they’re still just sitting in their chairs, rocking back and forth for comfort. And Judge O’Flaherty has also threatened to jail prosecutors when they attempt to argue their position on the charges and the law, which is problematic since it’s their job to prosecute violations of the law as they’re recorded on the books and put there by legislators.

Which is the stronger prescription, though? The Fifth Amendment, which protects people from self-incrimination, and the state law regarding alcohol content and testing?

Beware the Republ-ocrat Agenda!

So there we were driving to the Jello Biafra with the Melvins show at the Black Cat. My brothers down from New Jersey, my wife, and I at a stop-light down the street from the club. That’s when somebody in the car said “hey it’s the Washington Monument” and sure enough there it was. A person in a 12-foot tall Washington Monument costume being led down the street by a seeing-eye friend. It was an odd sight watching the costume getting caught in every low-hanging tree they passed under. But it was hardly the oddest sight we’d see that night- that honor was reserved for the man of the hour, Jello Biafra.

My brothers and I are just about some of the biggest music fanatics on earth and when you add my wife, my brother’s girlfriend, and my buddy Chris to the mix you’ve got one mighty mob of music freaks. So it is a little odd that none of us had ever seen Jello Biafra live in person before. Doubly strange because most of us profess his work with Dead Kennedys and Lard to be some of the best damn punk-type music ever. So for us this show was a big deal. Finally a chance to see the legend himself and he did not disappoint. In fact he surpassed our expectations.

digital photo printing run-around

ahhhh, after many hours of research, i thought i’d share my findings on online digital photo printing. uploading and ordering photos is a snap, but what was bugging me is the variation in costs. every provider charges something different per print, then layers on delivery and S&H charges. now if you want to save yourselves the S&H costs and pick-up the photos in-store, some places charge you more per print!

one reasonble place for dc / va locals is snapfish — what a goodsend. they have a physical store in alexandria and the picture quality’s pretty good. they charge $0.12 per print (lowest against competitors) and if you pick-it up, there are no additional fees. what a bargain!

Snapfish Store/Bradlee Shopping Center
3618 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
United States

because i got so frustrated w/ researching the online printing prices, i’ll share w/all of you the fruits of my labor. enjoy. consider it an early holiday gift:

ultimate comparison of online digital photo printing providers:
provider / cost per 4×6 print / approx S&H charge / coxt per 4×6 pick-up retail / retail providers
Costco (SnapFish) / $0.17 / $- / Ground Shipping: 3-5 Days plus production time / $0.17 / Costco
CVS / $0.29 / $- / $0.29 / CVS
Kodak (Ofoto) / $0.15 / $14.99 / Ground Shipping: 3-7 days, max. 14 days / $0.15 / CVS
Ritz / Wolf Camera / $0.29 / $- / Ground Shipping: 2-5 Days / $0.25 Ritz / Wolf Camera
Shutterfly / $0.29 / $2.49 / First Class / $- / –
Snapfish $0.12 / $4.42 / Ground Shipping: 3-5 Days / $0.12 – $0.19 / Snapfish, Walgreens
Sony ImageStation / $0.12 / $7.94 / Ground Shipping: 3-5 Days plus production time / $0.27 – $0.29 / CVS, Ritz
Walgreens $0.19 / $6.00 / Standard (USPS) / Walgreens
WalMart / $0.12 / $4.15 / Standard / $0.15 / Wal-Mart

Royal Influx

Get ready for a royal invasion (or at least, all the traffic and security hooha that goes along with it)!

Charles and Camilla, a.k.a. HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, will be in DC next week for a few days starting Wednesday. There’ll be a big to-do for them at the White House (the senior Bushies and QE2 are great pals) to bring some well-needed glamour to the federal city in the midst of all the current scandal.

You can read more about their jam-packed schedule at the Post…

Winter is here

Stop procrastinating. You know what you wanna do, what you need to sdo, what you don’t care to do. Its time to switch into winter gear.

I gave in tonight myself. I finally went winter clothes shopping (where are you Kalikya Stockman?!) for hats, gloves, scarves and the like. Not want I wanted to do, but it was needed. On return home, I converted my closet to winter, putting away the good linen and tossing out the old t-shirts. Now its time for you to do the same.

Don’t hoard that ratty shirt through winter becasue you had a good memory with it in summer. Resist the urge to hold out for Indian summer, and you better not be the fool and think this is still shorts weather.

Winter is here. Embrace it.

Review: Sugar Rush

Warren Brown’s new Food Network show premiered tonight, and included a trip to Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. They made a that was centered around a piece of either strong PVC or some painted metal conduit, and shaped like a cannon. So, yeah, part cake, part fire-arm! But it’s nice to see Warren and Duff get friendly, as I understand there was some animosity between the two of them. Brown is a natural on camera: friendly, well-spoken and fun to watch. Sadly, most of the show is him watching other people work, instead of him actually baking himself. Now, while I found the dessert restaurant at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, I’d rather see Warren hard at work. A good debut though, and something worthy of my Tivo’s attention, for sure.

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