Home Again, Home Again

Having spent the week in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, I’m really glad to be back in DC. There are no grackles in DC. However, there is a Flying Saucer in Dallas (two actually), so they do have some advantages. Getting home, though, was a whole other adventure. As I sat in the Detroit airport (yes, had to fly via Detroit. Damn you, fare restrictions!) the dreaded call came through: “We’re in an oversold situation and we need 9 people to give up their seats.

Uh oh.

Nine?! They were at least offering a free flight on Northwest and hotel for the night, but man, I just wanted to get HOME! Of course, the DC-9 they crammed me into had engines so loud it might have been worth the night in the hotel and a quieter flight on a 757 the next day, but my friends Mike and Lauren are being married today so that was a no-go. Thankfully I made it back, but then I got to sit forever at the gate until we were let back into the terminal, and then spent another 45 minutes waiting for baggage.

Every time I fly an airline that’s JetBlue, I’m reminded just how bad other airlines are in comparison. Northwest’s DC ground crews are abysmal. With United, you’re lucky if your bags show up. With Delta, it’s always delays. But I never have that problem flying JetBlue. Here’s hoping to more flights out of Dulles, or even a move into National or BWI. Viva Blue!

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