Get Your Boo On

It’s three weeks before Halloween!

This means, if you’re anything like me and my gaggle of masquerade-crazed friends, you need to get your act together and decide on a costume.

This year my husband and I are hosting our seventh annual Halloween party, a bash making its comeback after two years of interruption. This puts extra pressure on us to come up with the best costumes. So off we went this weekend in search of Halloween fun.

And one of the best places in the city to get your gear is Backstage – whose front room is filled to the brim with pre-packaged costumes, lower level filled with rental options, and back room filled with more accessories, wigs, and masks than you can shake a be-jeweled eyelash at. I picked up a fetching “young hero” moustache for my cross-dressing costume (not to be revealed til the party! I said there was pressure!) and spent the afternoon trimming away – how do men drink with moustaches hanging over their lips? I have no idea, but I guess I’ll find out!

That’s the beauty of Halloween, the one time of the year you can completely act like a fool and pretend to be something else. Fantastic. Get ready!

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