Union Jackasses

So my friend Matty and I swing over to Union Jacks, the new British Pub in Bethesda. We watched the Skins game on the large screen, and waited for the Fifth Quarter Show with Sportstalk 980, Andy Pollin and the legend himself, former Redskin great Joe Jacoby.

Quick notes about the game. The refereeing was rather iffy. The Umpire that was knocked over, well I hope he’s okay since I don’t really like for anyone specific person to get hurt; but I thoroughly enjoy the concept of a zebra getting run over. It makes them look more like the deer in the headlights that they usually are. Deer with whistles.

The Skins played hard, and I have to give them credit for that. The penalties were problematic. And the one penalty that changed this game all over was the false start with 2 seconds to go to halftime. That would have made the last touchdown the winning score. I know Joe Gibbs spent his entire press conference talking about the safety, which was ruled an incomplete pass. But it was an incomplete pass. You can’t argue with the ruling on the field.

While we’re at that, I need to understand why when needing to “get rid” of the ball, instead to risking an intentional grounding call, a quarterback just doesn’t pump fake and drop. It would be no different than what the Denver quarterback had done, or what To Brady did in the infamous Snow Bowl. I think Gibbs was trying to not handle the penalty issue in public. I pin this loss on the penalties. As much as I would like to rip Mark Brunell a new one for the first quarter turnover, this loss came down to penalties.

Joe Jacoby was a stand-up guy, took time to have a nice conversation. Very polite, even though he was easily the largest man in the room. I can’t say as much for the clientele at Union Jack’s. First of all, no British people at all. Just overgrown Frat-boys who hit shamelessly on the waitresses, doing things that would get you fired at your job. So don’t do it at hers. Even if you have or want to have, a meaningless relationship with her. That one table got up and gave her hugs as they left. Each hug was getting progressively less intimate, so I’m hoping thay got the hint.

And to the management, quick word to the wise. Invest in COASTERS. I’m going back to Willie & Reed’s…

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  1. Eric Blair (unregistered) on October 9th, 2005 @ 10:04 pm

    I didn’t see the intentional grounding call, but the issue with Brady and the Snow Bowl was that he was hit while bringing the ball down after a pump fake.

    If Brady had pumped and “dropped” the ball, than fumble vs. incomplete would’ve never been an issue – it would’ve likely been incomplete vs intentional grounding, depending on the placement of the nearest receiver.

    Unless, of course, you’re referring to a less famous play from that game.

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