Good news, finally

You know how the news media always goes for heartbreaking over heartwarming? The Post has found a story that falls into the latter category. 76-year-old Craig Peel lived in New Orleans for 43 years but left his home in a senior citizens’ complex after Katrina hit. His neighbor, Ginger Lucci, was staying behind and offered to take in Peel’s dog, Sassy. Wheelchair-bound, Peel was taken to the Convention Center, then brought to the D.C. Armory. He positioned himself by the door a few days after arriving and held up a sign that said, “America’s Most Wanted: Sassy Peel.” When asked about family members back in New Orleans, Peel only named Sassy.

A volunteer named Anne Holbrook posted Peel’s story online along with photos of Sassy, an 11-year-old Lhasa apso. Someone e-mailed her to tell her about a woman named Ginger who had stayed in New Orleans and was interviewed by a San Diego newspaper. Holbrook got in touch with another person interviewed for the article and he promised to tell Lucci that Peel was looking for Sassy. Word got to the executive director of the Washington Animal Rescue League, Scotlund Haisley, who headed to Lucci’s house. Sassy took a 1,500 mile trip to Washington and earlier today she was reunited with Peel. She’s currently in a temporary shelter while Peel stays at the armory, but at least Peel knows she’s safe and sound.

Isn’t it nice to hear some good news for a change?

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