When the Blog Wars Happen, Everyone Loses

Well, DCist beat us to the punch on this one, I’ll freely admit, but it’s never pretty when two blogs throw down the gloves and get into it back alley style:

From the DC Bachelor:

It is very unfortunate to watch the Senator, a grown adult, completely break down on the internet and start threatening to remove links (in a horrible regurgitation of one of my rather amusing posts). I can only imagine him sitting in front of his computer – in the middle of what I’m sure is another really busy work day – getting red in the face and all teary with emotion as he just can’t understand why everyone isn’t as interesting as him.

And from the Cleveland Park Men’s Club:

Absolutely no one cares about your efforts. Only the most bored of men read the women’s site on this topic, and that is only because they are infatuated. These are the same men that were in the chat rooms of the 1990’s. But, YOU. No. Stop talking about how she was a bad kisser, how she giggled during sex, or the way her friends ditched you and left you standing there in some horribly classless bar.

Boys, boys, boys, why the hate? I realize that you’re both really into Kelly Ann Collins from homeroom, but do you have to take your battle to the playground?

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  1. The Senator (unregistered) on September 14th, 2005 @ 1:13 pm

    Very funny post.

    I think that guy Phil from “Playaz Ball” is right. DCB and I should have a Michael Jackson-“Beat It”-style throwdown. Now THAT would draw a crowd.

    It sincerely pains me to see excellent web-sources like DCist and you to even comment on this crap. The DC Social Blog Scene really is quite silly; immature in every way.

    All the CPMC wanted to do is shed the skin and raise the level of discourse. I mean, it is getting pathetic.

    At any rate…I did used to love homeroom.

  2. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on September 14th, 2005 @ 1:20 pm

    I would pay money to see that sort of throwdown. Seriously, with dance troupes and rock bands, how could you go wrong?

    I think it’s more about showing off how stupid blogs can be, even when there’s a lot out there that’s good to see.

    Reminds us we’re all a step away from high school, and that this oughtta be fun, not a flamewar.

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