Pill Poppin’ with the Mayor

Now ya gotta love Mayor Williams’s fiscal drive. While he tries to quote Yoda on his blog, he does know how to pinch a penny or two, even if its kinda illegal.

Right there on the front page of the DC Government website, is a big bold post that says “Get Low-Cost Pharmaceuticals from Canada”. Now the last time I checked, buying drugs from Canada was illegal.

Yep, just as I thought, the DC website even says:

Be aware: federal law prohibits US residents from purchasing pharmaceuticals from other countries while inside the United States; however the law is currently not being enforced.

Cool. So now Mayor Williams is helping folks break the law in the name of cheap drugs. Me, I think drug companies are robbing us blind by overcharging here and making bank-breaking profits in the process, and yet selling drugs for less in the 51st State among other places. Kinda makes the corner pusher-man seem more honest, eh?

Kudos to Mayor Williams for showing us how to get around Big Pharma’s crap geographic sales codes, we should not be paying more than Canadians. Now if we could only do the same to Big Oil on local gas prices.

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