Have a seat, pal.

In a move that only Coach Gibbs could make, Pat Ramsey’s riding the pine for the forseeable future. Ramsey has apparently now asked for a trade, but no one can reach him nor Gibbs to get the final scoop. Ah, the drama, the sweet sweet controversy, of a new football season in DC. Sure, we love of our football here, but we love it with the same back-stabbing fervor that we reserve for the train-wreck that is American politics: full of twists and turns, scandal and embarrassment, all manner of DC-isms crammed into 4 quarters a Sunday and the stalkerific week between them.

Of course, this week it’s bigger than ever, as the ‘Skins go up against their mortal enemy, The Dallas Cowboys. Watch this one folks, it’s way better than any reality tv show.

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