Two bucks here, two bucks there

How often do you pay $2 to get money out of an ATM? Is it only late at night, say after a long night singingTwisted Sister at the Reef? Or is it every time you hit the ATM, too busy to find your own bank branch? Do you realize how much you paying in fees to do that?

Let’s do some simple math. Say you’re out late and hit the ATM for cab fare. You’re paying $22 for $20, or a 10% fee to get your money. Would you be cool with a psycho taxi driver adding $2 to your $15 fare?

Now if you pay $2 regularly, and you’re taking out $60 a shot, that’s still $6 over a good $180 weekend, enough for one more drink at Washington’s Best 80’s Dance Party or better yet, something to keep you warm at night.

Why throw your money away like that? Not when you have two great options. First, you can be like me and walk into the bank branch to get your money. That’s right, talk to another human, instead of a machine, for cash. They’re called “tellers” and not only are they free, you can even make ’em laugh, which an ATM will never do.

If people scare you, no worries, in its efforts to take over the city, PNC Bank has a very cool deal just for us DC, NoVA, and MD folks – free ATM withdrawals anywhere. Yep, anywhere. They’ll not charge you at their own ATM’s of course, and better yet, they’ll even refund the $2 charge at other ATM’s. Yes, freedom from fees is yours!

Now, with that spare $6, you can buy me a drink for saving you cash.

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