Twisted Sister at The Reef

While it might be called “Twisted Sister Night” at the Reef, glam metal karaoke does not really live up to its name. To start with there wasn’t any Twisted Sister, a travesty that cannot be readily recovered from. Then, with only two Motley Crue songs, and one Telsa song, it went downhill fast. With that limited selection folks did the best they could.

A hottie whipped out “Carry on my wayward son” by Kansas, complete with swank microphone moves and then a brother sang Bel Biv DeVoe’s “Do Me” to the delight of many, including a lighter toting hottie who almost caught my Aquanet hair on fire. Once “Heaven” by Warrant came on, it signaled the end of Hair Metal Karaoke.

Next came more R&B, and I fled. Next time, I would suggest ten items to make your Twisted Sister Karaoke Night rock out:

10: Twisted Sister songs – “We’re not gonna take it anymore” comes to mind
09: Miller High Life – which was out on this visit
08: A lighter for those power ballads
07: Ear plugs for those who cannot sing
06: Liquid courage, better known as alcohol
05: Good air guitar skills for “Stairway to heaven”
04: Vans and acid-washed jeans, headband optional
03: Rhythm, or at least some singing ability
02: Your drunk friends as chorus
01: An actual band for backup

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