Good Luck NOLA

If you want to follow what Katrina is doing now, check out MetroBlogging New Orleans where insane idiots brave souls are riding out the storm & posting about it in real time. While I salute their dedication, I wouldn’t be one of them.

Back in the day, I worked on the clean-up crew for Hurricane Andrew, the most recent Category 5 hurricane to hit America. In doing so, I saw some wild-ass shit that Mother Nature can do when she’s all twisted up. Boats miles inshore but perfectly intact, cars in trees, trees yanked out by the roots, and whole houses reduced to splinters.

If I were a NOLA resident, I’d be somewhere in Texas or Georgia now, sipping beers and planning on a very long and restfull vacation before heading back to the madness of post-Hurricane rebuilding. Instead I’m at work in DC, so all I can do is say:

NOLA, good luck & we’re praying for ya.

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