Comcast Sucks!

That’s it. That does it. After six months of crap signal, Comcast is out. Everyone’s comments on their RCN experience helped, but its today’s struggle with Cloak and Dagger that put me over the top. yep

The classic 80’s movie is coming in like poo, with the signal dying every five-ten minutes, right at the good parts. I wanna see little Davey Osborne outsmart the bad guys & the tear jerk ending where Jack Flack turns out to be Dad better not get Comcasted!

To help ya, Comcasted = unwatchable pixilation like on Morris here.

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  1. webjedi (unregistered) on August 27th, 2005 @ 8:45 pm

    Wayan, I can feel for you. After a disasterous experience with Comcrap two years ago when I moved into my house. (Digital Cable with the Cable Modem package.. which was upgraded to HDTV) I experienced the same frustrations you’ve been experiencing. However, unlike you I do not have the option of RCN where I am at, so I’ve been cable free from that remaining time. I can’t do sattelite due to a large oak tree behind the house to the south (a 50 foot pole may even have been nessesary, but against HOA covenants I think).

    I had even gone to the lengths of their “customer care” department to attempt refunds and other “fixes” to no avail. It was a disaster, and I’m surprised their customer base actually puts up with this. Unlike them, my patience wears thin. My only hope is now in Montgomery County, Verizon plans to offer TV over that fresh fiber optics that they dug up behind the house. One can dream….

  2. wayan (unregistered) on August 27th, 2005 @ 9:08 pm

    Ouch, that does suck.

    I too tried “customer service” but got as far as a snail on a salt lick with repairs or refunds. After too many “turn off the box and turn it back on” idiot suggestions from tech support I’ve given up.

    Thinking on your problem, if you don’t have cable, how do you get Internet then, DSL? If you’re really out of luck, may I suggest the Geekcorps BottleNet? It works quite well, and if it can stand up to Malian sandstorms, it’ll work fine in your hood.

    Not sure about the HOA though.

  3. Editor, The J.E.I. (unregistered) on August 27th, 2005 @ 11:30 pm

    We battled with Comcast for almost a year when our digital TV and internet signal was weak… they did all the basic idiot stuff– replaced the boxes (which require a reset period that the installer didn’t stay for), replaced the modem, installed a signal amp (which they tried unsuccessfully to make us pay for)… all in all six service calls, all begun from scratch for the same problem.

    What they didn’t fix was a very large tree branch (the tree was on county property) leaning on our cable between our house and the pole across the street. Every time I asked them to trim the branch, every time I was blown off– not their problem, call the county, not the county’s problem, call Comcast, etc… I even tried calling Pepco claiming I thought it may be a power line.

    Finally, I managed to get a technician who showed for an 8:00pm appointment, and in the rain climbed the pole and told me a squirrel had sat on the branch and chewed the insulation off the cable to our house, which explained our signal problems. He decided to fix it right, so he trimmed the branch and re-ran a new drop from the pole to our house. At night. In the rain. Problem solved.

    Pray you get that guy. Because the rest of Comcast sucks eggs.


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  4. WEBJEDI (unregistered) on August 29th, 2005 @ 5:14 pm

    I switched to SpeakEasy DSL. I’m about 1400 from the Verizon CO/POP, so I just had them turn that up instead since I need to run servers at home.

    I hope the Verizon folks will wise up and allow small servers and private termianting IP addresses (much how they handled DSL when it was first rolled out — 6.7 Mbps).

    I actually switched the DSL now to the other pair of coppe rin case I want to drop Verizon all together (that’s another story entirely).

    I would like to bring a T3 or so into our development and do community wireless (sorry, techie here). I’m on the Board of Directors for the HOA, and would suggest it as well (many other problems to deal with though)

    Fun fun fun…

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