Google Hacks – The Path to a good life

God, I love Google. From Google’s spy eye in the sky to drilling under your desktop they are really bringing good things to light. In doing so, they are opening up many of their products to hackers too, and look at the goodies produced so far:

Cheap Gas Hack
The next time you’re facing gas sticker shock, or like Tom watching it rise by the day, go on over to this cheap gas Google hack where you can put in Washington, DC and find that gas is $2.52 at Connecticut & Veazey. Powered by GasBuddy and Google Maps, this little hack could save you more than GEICO!

Traffic Advisory Hack
Next up, you can use this amazing Traffic Advisory Google hack to make sure you’re not getting the long line of red lights that Gridlock DC often provides. Powered by Yahoo traffic alerts, it tells you where construction and such is going on.

Distance Traveled Hack
Better yet, be like me, and go car free DC. Then you can use the Gmap Pedometer Google hack to figure out how far you walked, ran, or biked without resorting to a sextant or a GPS. While it take a little work, and clicking on the “Click here if you don’t live in Hoboken” link, this hack is a dream for those of us who don’t run the way cars drive.

Apartment Rent Hack
And when you’re ready for that shower after your run or a beer after your drive, look no farther than this kick-ass Housing rate Google Hack Combining the “for rent” posts on Craigslist with Google maps, you can search for places to live by geography and cost. Also this is a great rent leveler – is your one bedroom really worth $1,500 in your hood?

They are so good, I think I’m gonna work for Google!

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