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With their big goose-egg loss today to the Padres, the Nats fell five and a half behind the Braves and are two games out of the wild card race, headed into Houston for a three game series. Sure, our shortstop couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper sack, and our star pitcher likes to throw his gear after a particularly frustrating loss, our right fielder is going under MRI after MRI, seeking second opinions in Alabama, and our manager is as senile as Willard Scott.

Yep, things are just ducky here in Nationals-land.

But hey, we’re still above .500, which is more than I could say for those Expos of yesteryear.

A shopping list for Jim Bowden:

– New shortstop. If Guzman can’t hit .200, he needs to go.
– New hot corner. Vinny may provide some leadership in the clubhouse, but until he starts slugging, he’s replaceable.
– 4 and 5 starters. Loaiza has been solid, just unable to get run support. Hernandez may be a firebrand, but his rubber arm means he can go the distance and win. Patterson is absolutely on fire, and let’s just hope he can stay that way. Armas, however, sucks. Horribly. Get him gone.
– Some further relievers. I love Majewski, and the Chief. But we need better medium to long relief.
– A new manager. Frank may be HOF material as a player, but his late-inning decisions are costing us games. Time to send him back to the league offices.

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