Calling All Non-Profit-Types RIGHT NOW. Seriously, like RIGHT NOW.

So…I totally dropped the ball on something. I was all excited and was going to mention something here on the Metblog site, and then my life went all crazygonuts and I totally spaced it.


But, I see I still have 48 hours to redeem myself. Which is pathetic, but beats not being able to redeem myself at all.

What in the blazes am I rambling on about anyway?

A supercool thing called Create-A-Thon.

Mediastudio is looking for applications from nonprofits based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that need graphic design services but can’t afford to pay for them. Maybe you volunteer with, or know of, a small local group that is struggling and would benefit from a high-quality communications product that raises awareness and funds.

If you have a group in mind, tell them to get their application in ASAP!

Here’s how Create-A-Thon works:

1. Local 501(c)(3) organizations located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are invited to submit applications for CreateAThon. The deadline for applications is noon EST on August 3rd, 2005.

2. 10-12 organizations will be selected to work with the
CreateAThon team on the creation of a graphic product. In addition, selected groups will receive a comprehensive financial policy and procedures manual, tailored for your organization, that incorporates the latest policies, regulations and compliance requirements outlined in Sarbanes-Oxley and related nonprofit legislation.

3. All projects will be completed-from start to finish-during a 24-hour blitz starting Friday, September 30, 2005 at 8:00AM.

Any questions can be emailed to:

And my apologies to the good-hearted folks at MediaStudio for not getting the word out about this sooner. These folks are sponsoring the Create-A-Thon, so show ’em some love, people.

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  1. JennB (unregistered) on August 1st, 2005 @ 4:23 pm

    That’s a really cool idea.

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