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to follow tiffany’s suit on courthouse establishments:

gua-rapo — a hit or miss? imho, it’s not even on the boards…

i’m not sure when gua-rapo‘s building changed from blue to red, but it’s lack of something spectacular is what i can’t get over. located in courthouse (orange line towards virginia), it definitely brings a different feel to the area lined up next to ireland’s four courts and across summers grill & sports bar. however, while it’s intentions are good, gua-rapo’s execution is lame as its sangria.

after 3+ years being open, guarapo is a mixmatched. the sangria is all fruit juice — you can can get red or what they call white, but is really orange juice. they also felt it was a good idea to omit the fresh fruit from the drink. then around 11 PM after you’ve kicked back some juice and mediocre tapas, the live band kicks in. now for a latino themed establishment, i would think the music would be a little less rock and a little more samba/lounge. the place was so empty anyway for a friday night, we high-tailed it to the outside seating w/views of the traffic on wilson blvd.

anyway, restaurateur mauricio fraga-rosenfeld of agua ardiente, chi-cha and Gazuza, & soon 2 others (matte & ceviche) is hit or miss…i love chi-cha and agua, while gua-rapo and gazuza dissapoint. oh and he used to or still does own ozio’s? that place is totally down the crapper w/ it’s sketchy euro-trash crowd…

yar…let’s see what happens with his two new ventures. mauricio — i hope you’ve improved your aim!

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  1. Tiff (unregistered) on July 27th, 2005 @ 10:54 am

    I’ve been to Guarapo once. Once.

    I was singularly unimpressed.

  2. Tidal (unregistered) on December 1st, 2005 @ 11:49 pm

    I dont agree with the two posters who said gua rapo is lame. In fact, I absolutely love it and feel it is the BEST place in arlington to go to. It’s the only place that isnt crawling with the judgemental fraternity crow/sorority crowd. It actually has a “real” vibe to it. Not to mention that they carry chi cha hookas which i love. Especially since i dont drink that much i can kick back with a chi cha and chill out. Ive never had their sangria so i cant say if its good or bad. But i do like their tapas which one poster said were mediocre. I like their lentil soup, plantains which i always order. When I party in VA, it’s at gua rapo…otherwise, im in DC.

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