Frank Robinson “I am … illiterate”

Sure enough, he said it:

“Look around,” he says, leaning forward and waving his hands in the air. “Do you see a computer in here?”

Then he slumps back in his seat.

“I am computer illiterate,” Robinson proclaims and beams with nothing so much as pride.

To me, this is like admitting you are functionally illiterate. It does, of course, explain certain recent decisions, like leaving Hector Carrasco in for 50+ pitches after only leaving his other relievers in for 10-15 pitches, costing the Nats the game when his lackluster offense could not convert runners at second and third with one out into an extra inning win. Sure, he says he’s seen what these boys do, and that he knows how good they are against left-handed pitching on astroturf.

But I think we all realize that a man who can’t operate his own computer most likely isn’t capable of remembering what he had for breakfast, let alone what his OPS is against righties at night on grass.

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