a little musical w/ your hairspray?

oh where or where did my john waters go in the musical production of hairspray at the kennedy center?

the characters of the original 1988 movie were freaks of nature, but completely loveable, real people that you could identify with growing up in 1960’s baltimore. after seeing the movie (at a young & impressionable age), i totally idolized the 60s beatnik age of integration where being weird was ok. you got absorbed into the world of john waters and divine and the idiosyncricies people dared not admit in the mainstream.

the musical version of hairspray completely stripped the characters of their overt obscurities and the chemistry of their extremities that made the conflict so ridiculous in the first place. segregation is ridiculous, weight discrimination is ridiculous, the influence of hairspray on high school kids is ridiculous and the movie treated them that way.

also, none the memorable lines of the movie were reflected in the musical..the only one that stuck in my head is when edna turnblad (played by john pinette) comments “i don’t care for them” in reference to antagonists (the mother and daughter von tussles).

my favorite quotes (get more from imdb):

Motormouth Maybelle: Oh Papa Tooney. We’ve got a Looney.
Prudence Pingleton: Don’t you try to cast one of your voodoo spells on me, native woman.

Prudence: Penny Pingleton, you know you are punished. From now on your wearing a giant P on your blouse EVERY DAY to school so that the whole world knows that Penny Pingleton is permanently, positively, punished.

Tammy: Please wait outside. The council will now meet in secret, debate your personality flaws, and come to a final decision.

Tracy Turnblad: Oh, Link, I wish I had dark skin.
Link Larkin: Tracy, our skin may be white, but our souls are black.

the musical version of hairspray makes the story of tracy turnblad’s overcoming of social injusticies too disney-fairy tailish for anyone to believe…

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