To the Moron in the Black Late-Model Cherokee

watching.jpgSo we pull off the East-bound inner loop of the beltway onto Georgia Avenue northbound. Maybe it was the really tight off-ramp that wound you up a tad bit, but I find your general state of mind to be very similar to most idiot drivers in this region.

In any case, you’ve already got my attention charging up behind me at which point I’m paying more attention to your pouting in my rearview mirror than to the fact that the two cars ahead of me are hesitant to take their lane. Inspite of the fact that there was no discernable traffic, the angle that the off-ramp dumps you on doesn’t give you a full and complete view of what is heading your way on Georgia Avenue. So I have no problem giving anyone the benefit of the doubt to check their blind spots and merge at their leisure. Yes, it is slightly annoying, but you just took the cake with your next set of antics.

Maybe you disagreed with my thought process, but laying on your horn and flashing your headlights isn’t going to make a case with me. As it stands, you’re driving an SUV, so that tells me all I need to know about your penis size.

So when I finally get my turn, I can tell that you’re a broncin’ buck and I know just how to deal with you. Keep you to my rear and pin you where you don’t want to go. Which in your case was onto the west-bound on-ramp because like the idiot you are, you tried to cut around my right, where there was only one lane heading back to the beltway, as opposed to the three lanes on my left.

I hope you liked the view of the Mormon Temple, that’s the good angle!

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  1. webjedi (unregistered) on July 25th, 2005 @ 4:36 pm

    Absolutely priceless.

    Somefolks are in just oo much of a hurry to go absolutely nowhere… and in this case, the look on their dumbfounded face as they found themselves back on 495 was worth a photo.

    There probably needs to be a second blog fro detailing all the asanine moves drivers make in this town. I just which I had a dash mounted video camera to catch the 5-7 I see each day.

    And remember folks, the little nubbin’ off to the left of the steering wheel is a turn signal, and it ‘s NOT optional equipment… it’s asafety device for you and others.. USE IT! :-D

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