Thanks for the Porcelain Mr. Kroc

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Let me start by saying I don’t like fast food. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, even Arby’s in my mind are all equal villains in America’s obesity epidemic. In addition, they indirectly led to the total absence of any kind of spice, flavor, or originality in American restaurants. Chili’s to Cheesecake Factory, any chain restaurant and a number of stand alone stops can trace their bland uniformity on the trend started by Mr. Kroc.

That being said, there is one trend he started that I revere him for. Thanks to his continuous drive for a standardize and sterile restaurant experience, there are clean and well stocked public-accessible bathrooms across the country, and even overseas. Yes, I know, there are exceptions, and to those who’ve not traveled, all kinds of dangers that await, but for me, who is thankful for porcelain, a McDonald’s bathroom is heaven.

Not in the fall to my knees kinda way, but in the thank god I don’t have to pee behind a tree way. Or as last night proved, as I was stumbling out of a reception at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, bladder full of free booze, thank god I don’t have to pee behind the cop car kinda way! Yes, New York Avenue Micky D’s, where I got the call a while back that Dad was terminal with lung cancer, I forgive you now.

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