I knew this day would come. The day my neighborhood transformed from funky and independent to corporate GapKids-dom.

We had hints of it when the Starbucks opened at 13th & U.
(I’ve yet to enter it; give me Sparky’s anyday for my caffeinated counterculture fix.)
Then there was Storehouse on 14th – whoa.
Now the Faux Lofts going up on 11th (who wants a wide window next to a funeral parlour?).

I’ve been late quite a bit this week, so it’s given me the opportunity to witness these morning stroller strolls. Young women with single strollers, double strollers, and some scarily with four kids in one (being happily child-bereft I have no idea what you call these – trolleys?). The last are obviously nannies, which is another indication of where the neighborhood is going…

The day my hood becomes like Glover Park, where strollers are
literally parked on the sidewalks in front of homes, is the day I

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