THERE you are…

Dear Mr. Metropolitan Police Parking Enforcement Officer:

Yes, it’s very gratifying that you’re enforcing the 4:00-6:30 No Parking period at 4:01 PM as I’m outside my office, taking three minutes to unload stuff from my car into the waiting arms of my coworkers. Really, we’re all very pleased that you’re so dedicated to your job.

But I only have one question.

Where the FUCK are you at 5:30 and 6:00, when there is ACTUAL TRAFFIC being SEVERELY BLOCKED?! You know, when the FedEx truck is parked on L Street unloading a hell of a lot more stuff than it takes to full up the back seat of my Beetle.

But I also suppose I should thank you for taking your time on the truck in front of me that had been left at the curb, leaving me just enough time to DRIVE AWAY before you got to me.


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